Amazon Internship

Designing Experiences that Motivate Carriers and Drivers to Participate in Net-Zero Carbon Efforts


May - August 2022 (12 weeks)

Project Type

UX Design, UX Research, Design Strategy, Visual Design


UX Designer Intern

Tools Used

Figma, Quip


In the summer 2022, I had the honor to join the Amazon Transportation & Recipient Experience Studio (TRX) to learn from and work with a group of extremely talented and dedicated UX Designers, UX Researchers, Product Managers, and Software Engineers.

The TRX team primarily focuses on delivering end-to-end, customer-centered solutions that power the interconnected system of shipping, translation, and delivery experiences. I was tasked with designing experiences that motivate carriers and drivers to participate in Amazon’s Net-Zero Carbon Efforts.

Through conducting in-depth landscape analysis and customer research, my design question was narrowed down into:

"How might we encourage alternative fuel vehicle adoptions among third-party carriers?"

My Impact

01. I envisioned, built, and delivered a series of proposed design to drive motivation and engagement with sustainable trucking technologies among Amazon third-party carriers

02. I presented my work to 40+ Amazonians, including senior managers and principle designers, engineers, and product managers on my immediate and extended teams; my design gave inspirations to many designers working in the similar space

03. My work has continued its impact even after the end of my internship- my research and recommendations have been included in at least two operational plans and one PR-FAQ

My Learnings

01. Be intentional with the feedback you’re looking for. I was lucky to have extremely supportive mentor, manager, and other designers on my team to provide me with feedback throughout my internship. However, since the time I had with them for each meeting was limited, I needed to be clear about my objectives and the feedback I hoped to get out of it at the very beginning of the sessions. This approach made it efficient and effective for both parties.

02. Effective writing skills are invaluable to designers. Amazon is known for its writing culture, and during my 12-week internship, I wrote and edited multiple versions of UX documentation, design review, research report, and internal PR-FAQ documents. Being able to articulate design decisions and rationales using succinct and effective words is an invaluable skill to have as a designer.

03. Be proactive, curious, and grateful. At the end of each week, I sent a brief email to my mentor and manager to summarize the tasks I had completed over the past week and the goals I had for the following week. Whenever I had questions after looking for answers myself, I didn’t hesitate to reach out for help. Being proactive showcases one’s intentionality and drive. Lastly, I gave shoutouts to everyone who helped me along the way. Appreciation is much needed in the workplace.

I'm unable to share any details of my work due to NDA, but feel free to email me if you'd like to learn more.

Thanks for reading! I'm ending this case study with a picture of me with most of my team after a super fun mini-golf session in Minneapolis :)

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